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Tonight was another meeting of the Monday Running & Dinner Club – members include myself, the fiancee, and my BFF Kellie – we’re very exclusive 😉

We ran two loops around Dubsdread – 1.54 miles each so we could have a “water stop” at the house, this was a good idea. The three of us finished the 3.08 miles in 32:24 – one of my fastest times this season!!!

Keep in mind this was a lot of run-run-run-walk, repeat. I still need to take walking breaks – more so outside than on the treadmill because of the heat, but I’m hoping that on the race day the adrenaline will kick in and I’ll have more endurance.

Dinner was a Mexican skillet mixture of black beans, kidney beans, brown rice, tomatoes, green chilies, soy chorizo and white cheddar cheese – nom nom nom. I’m very sorry there’s no picture to show 😦 but the fiancee got a new camera tonight so tomorrow’s post will have pics!! 🙂

I’ll definitely be buying the soy chorizo again – it looked like poop coming out of the plastic casing, but tasted REALLY good.

After dinner we relaxed and watched Lie to Me with some chocolate soy ice cream (“SO Delicious”) – this stuff’s pretty good but we don’t get ice cream a lot, we’re more of the froyo type 🙂

Everybody ready for Hurricane Earl?

Hurricane Earl Satellite View


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Long Weekend – Part 2

Saturday was a long & fun home decorating day. To fuel up, we started with millet toast + PB + jelly.

On long days of shopping, I gotta look good…

We window shopped for a bunch of stuff for the bedroom (mirror, deorations, new sheets & comforter, bed frame…) and took a break at Pei Wei. I got the tofu Pad Thai:

My man got the tofu & veggie curry with brown rice:

His verdict: “I like yours better.” I’m used to it by now 🙂 Pei Wei does their tofu different than anywhere else I’ve been – it’s dark on the ends and almost looks like mushrooms. Love the fortune cookies too!

Wanna know what we ended up with?

  • Bed frame from Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Mirror from ROSS
  • Comforter, Sheets & Bedskirt from Walmart
  • Laps, Vases & Fake Flowers from IKEA

The whole thing was said and done for under $300, and now our bedroom looks like a homey hotel 🙂 Sorry, no pics yet…

Sunday morning breakfast cookie:

And a little snack to fuel up before hitting the gym – almonds with Ryvita cracker & apricot jelly.

We did a quick chest workout, came home and did tons of laundry. I had to stage a t-shirt intervention.

After sorting, folding, organizing… the fiancee finally figured out a way to store all his t-shirts (and shorts & socks!) – maybe it was the trip to IKEA with the customized closets that inspired him?

I made a coupon collage on the fridge… yes, most of those are for frozen yogurt 😛

And onto dinner…

Cheesy Veggie Stovetop Casserole

Start with a big family-sized container of fresh spinach (about 6-8 cups?) and wilt it in a pan with about 1/4 a can of vegetable stock.

When it’s about halfway wilted, add a 1lb bag of frozen mixed veggies (green beans, peas, carrots & corn) with the rest of the can of vegetable stock.

Mix it up to warm up the frozen veggies, then add a few squirts of dijon mustard.

And tons of creole seasoning! 🙂

Now add about 1/2 cup of polenta (yellow grits) and about 1/2 cup bread crumbs.

Intermission – sip a little red wine 🙂

Stir, and add about 1/2 cup to 1 cup more of bread crumbs to thicken it up, and stir.

Cover it up and let it cook & thicken for a little while (turned down to low heat so it doesn’t burn).

Grate some white cheddar cheese (about 2 cups worth) and add it to the mixture.

Stir it and let it melt into the mixture, which at this point should look like a casserole (but not crunchy).

And this is where my camera died… so unfortunately no final picture 😦 I promise it was delicious.

The whole thing took about 20 minutes and made 4 hungry servings (or 6 if you’re serving it with a salad or a side).

Now we get to do some camera shopping… any suggestions?

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Long Weekend – Part 1

Let’s take a step back to Thursday night – it was the beginning of our long weekend, and we kicked it off with homemade organic popcorn!

We used Earth Balance instead of oil or butter – I hadn’t used this before on anything, but it looked good enough from what I’d read online.

We had never made homemade popcorn before ever… but figured it couldn’t be that hard. Put the kernels in a pot, add with enough buttery spread to cover the kernels, and put it on medium heat.

We waited about 5 minutes and started getting skeptical, thinking it wasn’t going to happen… then POP! POP! POP!

It worked! And tasted awesome! The Earth Balance gave it a different taste, less “buttery” and more… earthy? 🙂

Friday we went to the water park and I was stylish smart – I borrowed my man’s Crocs. They match my black swimsuit and don’t give me those wild blisters 🙂 Thanks Mama for hooking us both up with water park shoes!

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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Just finished my morning run, and it is sooo hot outside, I was listening to Hawaiian music trying to picture that i was in a tropical paradise…


Then I remembered I was just running through a city neighborhood :-/

My ipod died after about 1 mile (could it be the sweat getting in the headphones???) – major bummer because I was listening to “Whatcha Say” and reliving Jakob & Ashley’s dance from last season’s So You Think You Can Dance:

I wasn’t a huge fan of his (even though he’s from Orlando), but she was my all-time favorite because she was a muscular girl who made it look so easy and fun! And SYTYCD is coming to Orlando on tour… I gotta buy tickets!

Back to the run – I had to stop and retie my shoes after half a mile because they were getting loose, and the t-shirt wasn’t helping either – sweating up a storm! I need to get more tank tops & pack the shirts away til winter.

My shin splints were hurting me so sharp that I would run for about 20 seconds, scream F)!#()$*!)#(*! and have to walk for a minute. No kidding, I was dropping f-bombs like a game of Mariokart battle.

I did the hand trick again and wrote my splits goals down:

  • 0.5 miles – 5:45
  • 1 mile – 11:30
  • 1.5 miles – 17:15
  • 2 miles – 23:00
  • 2.5 miles – 28:45
  • 2.75 miles – 31:45

Actual finish time for 2.75 miles = 32:22

The run ended up at the gym, which WAS an oasis – with ice cold a/c and a water fountain!

I thought I wasn’t gonna make good time today because I was walking so much, but what kept me going was seeing the splits on my hand and noticing that I hadn’t actually lost that much ground – probably b/c when I was running, I did it so fast that it made up for the extra walking (which is probably also why I had such horrible shin splints) – it’s much easier to control pace on a treadmill when you don’t have to think about it! I also didn’t stretch enough beforehand…

I promise I’ll learn my lesson 🙂

Any of you having your ipod short out from sweating in it?

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Guess who just got Windows Live Writer on her desktop…… 🙂

Not to be a total nerd, but blogging is getting more fun every day. It’s gonna be a LOT more fun after I open my wallet and get this baby with about 20x more memory than I currently have, plus a truckload of ram and a built-in card reader:

That way I won’t have to wait 10 minutes to show you pictures of my pre-run snack… millet toast with jelly:


Or show you what my time was on this morning’s 2.75 mile run (it’s supposed to be about 31:45 or less). I’m really rushed this morning because today we are getting my oil changed, going to Typhoon Lagoon…

and meeting the fiancee’s sister’s new beau tonight for dinner, plus an after party with coworkers! So yeah, we’re rushed 🙂

I tried posting last night about the homemade organic popcorn we made for movie night, and with a goofy keystroke I erased the whole story… 😦 Anyways, it was awesome, and so was Clash of the Titans!

OK – catch you later! 🙂

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Water Park Babies

In case you don’t know yet, I love water parks. We’ve always lived close to the beach with tons of water parks around.

I like going with my sisters and their kids – nothing better than an Italian ice on a hot day!

The kids get to play…

And get out all their energy…

While the parents get to relax and catch some sun 🙂 

My mom was a lifeguard, so we learned how to swim at a really early age – here’s my little bro, the super swimmer, and his “doggles”.

And my niece going through her leave-me-alone-while-I-pose-on-plastic-turtles phase.

My niece and nephew having the time of their life, sans teeth, at the water park.

I hope one day my kids get to be water park babies 🙂

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Hey everybody! My mom just told me I have some family members reading the blog – welcome! 🙂 Check out my updated About Me page and the new Reads page.

Today for lunch, I drove across town and joined the fiancee at our favorite restaurant for Indian buffet lunch 🙂 Aashirwad is now to be called “Awesomewad” lol We pigged out on malai kofta, vegetable kadhai, naan bread, and a spinach-chickpea mixture. I hope you all don’t mind that I want them to cater our wedding reception 😛

Came home and we ran a super sweaty 2 miler in 21:03 – that’s 2 minutes faster than we had planned! The hand trick is really working!

There ain’t no shame in posting sweaty red-faced post-run pics 😛

I managed to get in some weights at the house too, including pushups & pullups.

Pullups were actually about 10 negatives, which is where you jump up and slowly lower yourself down – this is a good way to begin with pullups if you’ve never done them before (i.e. if you’re me).

My little sister Courtney (aka Corky) convinced me to buy one of these at-home pullup bars – she’s the buffest girl I know in real life, which says a lot since I know P.E. teachers & firefighter girls! Here’s Corky when she was super little:

Dinner was leftovers from last night: whole wheat pasta with vodka sauce, plus some sun-dried tomatoes & spinach that I snuck in, topped with parmesan cheese.

The fiancee got me a mini-tripod at the dollar store (where we went on our first date in grad school lol) so I could take up-close food pics:

Stay tuned later this week – I want to do a post about the library and how much I love it, and why you should use yours! 🙂

Until then, leave some comments & let me know what you think of the blog!

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