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My First Quiche

Hey everybody! Are you staying warm? It’s freeeeeeeeezing here!!! Which probably explains why it’s been 2 weeks since my last run 😦 Every morning I wake up, check the temperature (usually in the 30’s), then get back in bed for another hour of spooning instead of exercising, which isn’t so bad 🙂

The sad part is that my body is fighting this slackness – my legs WANT TO MOVE and my heart WANTS TO PUMP, but my dry skin & my brain & my lungs are saying “not quite yet”. I’m lucky that I live somewhere where the cold only lasts a month or so, but it’s so personally frustrating to know that I’m letting the cold beat me into submission. I want to go to the gym (after work only since it doesn’t open til 8am) but the thought of the treadmill doesn’t excite me… COME ON HEAT! Bring on the 90 degree sweaty days where I want to jump into a lake or a neighbor’s pool and actually need water stops on a run!

Given that the cold isn’t totally gone yet, I’ve been trying to find ways to stay active besides running outdoors, so this weekend I helped my future sister-in-law Natalie move into her future husband’s apartment 🙂 We started the day with Starbucks for breakfast – aka the messiest thing you could possibly eat in the car… I had croissant crumbs all over my lap!

Plus a Vivanno chocolate protein smoothie (it’s OK but I was expecting more of a mocha taste)

We managed to move her old apartment into his new apartment in under 5 hours (and avoided the late fees for the U-Haul!), and we’re having a garage sale at our house in a few weeks to unload a lot of her old stuff. FYI if anybody in Orlando is looking for some genuine Florida stuff (think pink flamingoes), send me a message!

I’m trying to clean out the kitchen of fresh produce before the long weekend, so today’s meals were a total mish-mash of what was left in the kitchen… including a whole wheat tortilla wrap with PB and banana for breakfast,

Plus a cup of organic cow’s milk (a rare treat for me, I looooove cow milk but the fiancé turns his nose up at it) to wash it down and mix with coffee (I normally don’t drink coffee on weekdays but needed it today since I was up all night watching Dexter on DVD!)

Lunch was a microwaved sweet potato (wet it, poke holes in it with a fork all over, microwave on a plate with a paper towel over it for 5 minutes) – it actually exploded a little in the microwave, no big deal… 😉

Side note: our microwave was bought from a pregnant grad student at Stanford who didn’t want the radiation around her unborn baby… which raises all kinds of questions in my mind about microwaves… I’ve also heard microwaves were banned in other countries (like Russia) – any ideas on this?

And a massaged kale salad with olive oil, balsamic & avocado, here’s the before: 

massage massage massage

Ready! Beware of salad hands…

This needed some salt, or a more tangy vinegar taste… I’m thinking of frying up the rest of the kale with the new tempeh bacon we have in the freezer to get rid of it. The fiancé is drooling over that tempeh bacon and so am I!

I snacked with Kellie on a few of these bite-size cashew cookies, they’re powdery and have a salty after-taste (one of the few sweets that doesn’t give me a toothache!)

For a snack, I polished off the epic cheese ball from Christmas dinner (it’s a spicy pepper jack cheese covered in almonds… I die)

For dinner, I had a series of kitchen fails… I swear this cold weather is messing with me!

  • Boiled brussel sprouts with apple cider vinegar (pretty good)
  • Mashed sweet potatoes (just couldn’t get them mushy enough in the microwave… the fiancé joked that they would be the chunky-kinda-raw type)
  • Tempeh – thawed out from frozen, sautéed with turmeric + garam masala + salt + cumin + milk + hot sauce… this just wasn’t right :-/

So while this was all going down in the kitchen, we also made a quiche for tomorrow’s breakfast. This was my first quiche and what a fail it was… OK, here’s what happened:

  1. Preheated the oven at 375F, warmed the 9” frozen pie crust til it got toasty while mixing in a big bowl: 3 eggs, 1 cup skim milk, 1 cup shredded organic cheddar cheese, some diced fennel (the herby part, not the bulb – it’s a lot like dill weed), and a splash of olive oil (or butter if you have it)
  2. Take the pie crust out of the oven, put 1/4 cup of cheese in the bottom of it (I used Velveeta because we had to get rid of it, leftover from all the holiday casseroles), pop it back in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese
  3. Take the pie crust out and layer 8oz sliced mushrooms with a 10oz package of frozen broccoli (microwaved to thaw and drained of liquid) into it, then pour the eggy-milky-cheesy mixture on top of it
  4. Bake in the oven for 45 minutes at 475 til the top looks like a burnt pizza (aka brown cheese)

I put too much liquid in it – next time I’ll cut down on the cheese, and mix all the broccoli + mushrooms + cheesy milky mixture together, then pour it all in at once so it doesn’t overflow.

Too much liquid means half of my quiche ended up on the baking sheet below it that the fiancé put in to catch the extra liquid…

But seriously, check it – now we have delicious hot cheesy veggie flaky crusty breakfast for the rest of the week 🙂 Well worth the time and mess!

I’ll nom to that 😉


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Christmas Eve Fun

This year, Christmas Eve had a LOT going on, so I’ll just start from the beginning…

On Christmas Eve Eve (ha) I spent the day shopping with Kellie the BFF – we had originally planned on trying on wedding dresses again, but that morning I found the one I wanted online (let’s hope it looks as good in person!) so we had the whole day to just relax and do normal shopping.

Kellie had never been to Whole Foods, so I introduced her to the hot bar for lunch with our friend Megan – I woofed down a few pounds of food (yeah, I have a problem with pay-by-the-weight places and seriously overestimating the amount I can eat lol), including:

  • mashed sweet potatoes
  • thai curry tofu
  • green beans
  • mac and cheese
  • indian chickpea curry
  • a wheatberry salad
  • black beans
  • yellow rice
  • Pellegrino water

That filled me up for the rest of the day! That night, the fiance & I went to Megan’s house to watch “Easy A” (HILARIOUS and it made me miss all the kooky California free spirited folks) and eat s’mores with Reese’s cups and Ghirardelli squares… mmmmm 🙂

The next morning the fiance had a craving for “weekend breakfast” aka something hot besides the oatmeal he eats Monday-Friday, so we scooted on down to our favorite diner in College Park – Shakers!

If you haven’t been to Shaker’s before, the gimmick is it’s all decorated with salt & pepper shakers, and they have an awesome breakfast & lunch menu. We played checkers on my new phone while waiting for the food (I love this phone!)

Then I had a spinach & mushroom quiche with fruit, and 2 slices of the fiance’s wheat toast.

I went to Publix later and got all the ingredients to make this quiche at home because seriously it is my favorite breakfast now!

After eating we decided to go on a scavenger hunt and try to find a geo-cache in College Park. Geo-caching is so much fun, we just started doing it – basically people hide little trinkets around the world, post the GPS coordinates online and then you go find them and sign a paper that you were there. We were both scouts as kids so this is right up our alley 🙂 Today’s cache was in a beautiful little park down the street from our breakfast.

This is Lake Adair across from the park, a popular place to run/walk/bike around – I’ve done a few runs here and it’s really beautiful this time of year.

And here’s the park – it’s a big creek and we didn’t have many clues on where the cache would be hidden so we just started looking…

What’s that… a pile of rocks? Looks like a good place to hide a trinket…

Found it!!! Hidden underneath a rock, just barely in sight…

My first find! 🙂 This was so rewarding in a nerdy way, and I’m sure people thought we were totally weird climbing around peeking under rocks lol

We pulled out the paper and signed “Merry Xmas!” Someone had just been in this spot 2 days before us and signed it – it’s a popular spot!

We went back to the house and I started the prep work for tonight’s dinner at the fiance’s mom’s house. We made a simple soup, salad & bread combo because the big dinner is on Christmas Day. The soup was Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea and Lentil Soup (recipe here) and it was a BIG HIT! It took a while to make, but if you have a dinner party I highly recommend it 🙂 I chopped up the ingredients and soaked the lentils at our house, then we transported it with the gifts to his mom’s house to cook in her kitchen.

It’s not a party until you break out the Santa Pants and the jug-o-wine!

She made an amazing appetizer spread, including deviled eggs,

Cashew cookies,

And an epic cheese ball with almonds – I wanted to curl up with this cheese ball in front of the fireplace and eat it like an apple 😉 His mom was actually the first person to introduce us to those Crunchmaster crackers (shown below) which we eat all the time now, they’re gluten-free whole grain and super super good with cheese!

She had the dining room all set up for a family dinner, with a nutcracker theme:

Including matching settings – I can learn a lot from her about entertaining guests!

The big news tonight was that the fiance’s sister just got ENGAGED!!! We broke out a bottle of champagne to celebrate and took tons of pictures to capture the moment (they had actually just come from her best friend’s wedding that morning so the couple was dressed to the 9’s), but I’m keeping them off the blog for their privacy.

So excited to have my new sister to plan our weddings together! 🙂 Congrats you two!!!

And here’s the soup I was telling you about… it was a huge hit and nobody even noticed it was vegan 🙂 The perfect combination of spicy and sweetness, with lots of fiber and protein – I’ll be making this one again (with step-by-step instructions, we were just in too much of a hurry today to take photos in the kitch!)

Now I’m getting ready for Christmas Day dinner (anybody else think it’s weird that it starts in the early afternoon and it’s still called dinner?) – I’m bringing my mom’s Broccoli Casserole recipe 🙂

What’s on your Christmas Dinner menu this year?

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I decided to round the year out with my first real “fun run” after such an amazing finish at the OUC 5K the week before. The Reindeer Run 5K was at Sea World this year, and it turned out to be the coldest race ever!

The cold weather made me rush out the door that morning with my peanut butter toast in hand, plus about 10 random things (gloves, jacket, Spibelt, Christmas lights, reindeer ears, race bib…) – all the important stuff except my camera and watch… so all these photos are from my friend Megan’s camera (you can see her blog here).

Kellie went as an elf, and we both wore blinking LED Christmas lights like necklaces… battery pack in the Spibelt 😛

Megan and her sister Amanda were dressed as presents, and tons of folks were taking their pictures (including Meghann who was running right behind us the whole time!).

The race was jam-packed (don’t get me started on the traffic… remind me not to do races on International Drive unless I’m there at least an hour early!) and they actually had to delay the start by 30 minutes to accommodate everybody. I haven’t seen this big of a crowd since the Corporate 5K!

There’s Dan Newlin (the race sponsor, aka “former sheriff’s detective” from the TV commercials). As I’m typing this blog post, his commercial just came on during The Simpsons 😛 WEIRD

Megan and her fiancé Ian ran side by side, as fast as a present can go 😉

The course was a little bit anti-climactic since the first half was back and forth in the parking lot, and it was too crowded to really run so I was basically forced to walk behind crowds of people stopping to take pictures with Santa. My legs wanted to RUN!

The course went through the park briefly and ended up near the backstage areas (it’s strange having the finish line next to the mechanical equipment for a theme park) – and after the finish line we walked around very confused, trying to find water and snacks. Turns out we had to walk into a tiny area to get the snackage – I like other races where they have the big tents set up for vendors in a separate area.

I didn’t have my watch on, so I actually have no idea what time it was when we crossed the finish line, but considering we were walking most of the time, it was probably around 45 minutes.

Final thoughts on this race:

  • Don’t do it again unless I have kids with me
  • Get more organized and pack my watch & camera ahead of time with my clothes & shoes
  • Dress warmer! The tech shirt felt like nothing once I stopped running!

After an awesome year of making progress with each and every race, it was fun to have one to just relax and goof off with friends 🙂

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100 Blog Posts

Yep – this is my first bloggy milestone – the 100th post!

I thought I’d round out the year by doing a best-of-2010 post and recap all the awesome things that have happened this year (in case you missed it since this blog only started in the summertime).

This year’s highlights:

  • Getting engaged in Key West after 2.5 years of dating the love of my life 🙂

  • Going to Hawaii and enjoying a pre-honeymoon

  • Finding a new love for running and learning that my body is strong in so many ways I never knew!

paneerandrice 010 


  • Spending time with family and being thankful

  • Bonding with the BFF


  • Creating masterpieces in the kitchen, and laughing it off when they come out looking more like an “after” picture than a “before”… and learning how to take sideways photos of food


It’s been a whirlwind of a year and totally flew by faster than I expected… so if you’re curious about what lies ahead for 2011 and for the blog, stay tuned for:

  • Searching for our first home to plant our roots (literally) and get a fur baby or two 🙂
  • New races, including my first half marathon
  • More creative recipes in the kitchen with follow-along instructions (oh I have DOZENS I can’t wait to show you!!!)
  • Restaurant Recipe Re-creations (aka making it at home healthier and cheaper)
  • More strength training with detailed routines (like a full-body workout and a 2-day upper/lower split)
  • Hilarious antics with the BFF
  • Cute baby-crazy family pictures (guess whose Mama just got a timeshare in Florida???)
  • Maybe even a new blog domain name because this one was pretty spur-of-the-moment (leave a comment if you have any suggestions!)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the blog as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it 🙂 If you have any suggestions for post topics or things you’d like to see on the blog next year, leave a comment!

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Well, I couldn’t think of any other way to say it 😛

My last run was Saturday at the Reindeer Run 5K at Sea World (recap coming as soon as I can snag some photos from Kellie the BFF b/c I was in such a hurry that morning that I forgot to bring my own camera!) and ever since then, I’ve been itching to run SO BAD but it is WAY TOO COLD outside!

The last cold weather run I did was in the 30’s or 40’s, and it was manageable because I had a buddy with me, but this 20 degree weather is enough to make all of us stay inside a little later in the morning, hence no runs 😦 This morning I woke up and felt like I had Restless Leg Syndrome because my body wanted to run, but my brain said stay inside.

So, since I’m stuck indoors, with no digital camera to update you on recent happenings including:

  • Family Dinner with pumpkin mac n cheese & mexican chocolate cake
  • Reindeer Run 5K race recap (aka “you call that a race?”)
  • Christmas shopping
  • Home organizing extravaganza

I thought I’d leave you with a few funny pictures that we took at work with a thermal camera. This camera lets you identify areas in a building where you have hot/cold air leaking out (like uninsulated walls, cracks, windows…) and can also help show where moisture is building up – or you can use it to take hilarious pictures of yourself…

IR_0195 IR_0197 IR_0206 IR_0207

If you like the thermal pics, check out my friends’ music video about energy efficient buildings – I promise it’s a lot funnier than it sounds and the song is super catchy!


**FYI The next post will be my 100th, so it’s gonna be something special!

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Cold Weather Smoothie

Brrrrrrr! This morning the fiancé joined me for a cold morning run – we covered 2 miles going down to the lake and back, and I brought my camera to take some pretty pics for you!

Starting out all bundled up with gloves, hat, hoodie, long-sleeved shirt, and yoga pants (my legs don’t usually get that cold on a run).

I can’t believe folks were out swimming in the pool this morning – it was in the 30’s!

I hoped to get a sunrise picture over the lake, but ended up with just a really bright star – that’s how dark it was!

We ran about 1.5 miles of this and walked the rest, the cold felt great – like we were back on a ski vacation 🙂

When we got home, I wanted to make smoothies using this new hemp protein powder we got in Charlotte (I know, who makes smoothies when it’s in the 30’s outside???)

Being vegetarian means I am always on the lookout for new protein powders, without a lot of added things like sugar & stuff I can’t pronounce. This stuff looked promising in the store, until we got home and opened it up – and remembered what plant hemp protein powder comes from (whoops).

I kinda pride myself on knowing the differences between cow milk / soy milk / almond milk / rice milk as far as protein content, and the same with protein powders – and this stuff didn’t quite stack up to whey & soy powders. My favorite is still the brown rice protein powder, even though it has less protein than the whey & soy, b/c it tastes so good and I can pour it on my cold cereal in the morning 🙂 But back to the hemp – for 1 serving it gives you 9 grams of protein, which is better than 0 grams – and a BUNCH of fiber!

You just have to get over the appearance…

Today for two smoothies (me and the fiancé), I mixed:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 6 frozen strawberries
  • 2 cups apple juice
  • 8 tbsp hemp protein powder (1 serving is 4 tbsp)
  • 2 packets Truvia (stevia)
  • 1 cup water to thin it out at the end

I blended it without the Truvia, and quickly put in 2 packets – this stuff can rescue ANY smoothie 😛

And it worked 🙂

I can taste the hemp towards the bottom of the cup, but otherwise it just tastes like a juicy smoothie 🙂 I love our smoothie cups!

Lunch this week is whole wheat wraps, so today I started out with a sweet goat cheese + craisins + almonds + romaine wrap:

Inspired my a delicious sandwich I had at Infusion Tea

I didn’t even bother chopping the lettuce – too messy and it’s too early to care 😛


Rolled up in a wrap with a napkin to keep it in place…

And ta-da! Lunch is served.

For years I’ve planned out my meals for the week, and it usually starts out with what do I have going on in the evenings after work, so I know which nights I have to cook and which nights I’ll be chowing down on “heavy appetizers” at a random industry networking function (these happen a lot with my job, usually at least one a week). I like to repeat meals b/c it makes grocery shopping easier, like having the same breakfast all week.

That wrap probably isn’t gonna fill me up, so I packed some okra pickles – YUM! These gross the fiancé out, but I love them!

And a banana + almonds for a morning snack,

Afternoon snack is the rest of these soy & flaxseed tortilla chips (my single favorite item from Trader Joe’s, think healthy high-protein Doritos)


All packed up & ready to go!

Now I gotta get out the door and head to work – everybody have a great week! 🙂

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Race Recap – OUC 5K

Hey bloggies! I am STILL buzzing from yesterday’s OUC 5K run – this was a huge race for me and you’re about to find out why if you read this post 🙂

The race was at 7:15am downtown on Lake Eola, so it was still in the 40’s when I woke up. I put on my winter running outfit (luckily in Florida that just means a light jacket on top of a tank top with capris) and a coat for the car ride, and brought gloves just in case. I had my Spibelt with my cell phone so I could find the fiancé afterwards, and to find Kellie the BFF – she signed up at the last minute for this race!

Pre-race breakfast was the usual combo of a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter smeared on top, and today I added 3 of the Powerbar Energy Gel Blasts (they are like Gushers candy) to give me an extra boost of energy that morning – I love those things and am about to run out of my free stash, so I’m gonna need to actually buy some soon 😛

To motivate myself, I wrote all over my hands…

  • Mile Splits (10, 20, 30, 31 minutes) – I wanted to maintain a 6mph pace (10 minute mile)
  • THIS IS IT!” to remind me that it’s been an amazing year of running, and today was my shot to give it my all and do something I’d never done before…
  • Lew” – to remind me of a fellow blogger Lew who just ran his first marathon and is full of heart
  • Hero” – to remind me of that Foo Fighters song since I didn’t have my mp3 player LOL the music was all in my head
  • Keep Going” to remind me to no matter what, not stop running!


The fiancé dropped me off near the race & I was in such a hurry I threw my winter coat in the back seat… on top of HIS peanut butter toast – whoops 😛

I found Kellie by the registration table and we stretched out, used the port-o-potties and waited near the starting line. They didn’t have corrals set out for the 5K runners (the half marathon had just started at 7am) so everyone was in a big bunch, and before we knew it the race had started! I kept looking for the D-tag speed bump to mark the official starting line, but there wasn’t one – more on this later!

I ran the first minute or so with Kellie and then broke out of the crowd to get some space. Being the unprepared runner I am (remember the time I forgot my shoes?), I left my watch at home – eek! I thought I would just pace myself using the digital time clocks at each mile marker, but this race didn’t have any, so I was totally flying blind!

It turned out this was really freeing, because I wasn’t able to care how fast I was going, and I had no music either, so I was able to pay more attention to my breathing and my footsteps. Lately I’ve been running without music (since my iPod was drowned in sweat and shorted out), and I gotta admit I LIKE IT!

The first mile flew by SO quickly, and I suspect it wasn’t a full mile (I predicted this looking at the course map yesterday, there’s no scale but anyone with eyes can see that Mile 1 is much shorter than Mile 2 or Mile 3).


My outfit turned out to be the perfect amount of clothes, and my hands were fine without gloves on, but my nose randomly thawed out and started dripping during the first mile – good thing I had long sleeves on (whaaaaaat?)

The course was along the brick roads through Thornton Park, and a lot of people jumped up on the sidewalks to avoid tripping on a brick – I did for a little while b/c it’s annoying to keep your head looking down the whole time you’re running.

I made it to the water stop (halfway through the course) without stopping, and grabbed a drink of water – power-walked quickly just long enough to drink it and pull my shoelaces tighter since they were loosening – then got right back into the race. Mile 2 was starting to feel really long and I kept wondering when I would see the mile marker, and after we came around a corner I heard a DJ and got all pumped up to “Eye of the Tiger” – having music along the course gives me that extra boost I need and it’s like pushing the reset button!

Finally passed Mile 2 and I was still running – my goal for today’s race (and what’s been my 5K goal all year long) was to run the entire time without stopping. I had already made an appointment for a massage afterwards so pain was not an excuse – and I actually didn’t feel any leg pain at all during the race, no shin splits or anything, but at one point my stomach cramped up so I just started mouth-breathing and that made it go away.

During Mile 3 there was a small kid and his mom in front of me, and she kept pushing him along to not stop running – I knew I was gonna make it if that kid could do it!

This was when I started praying – I’ve never done this in a race before but for some reason I just felt the need to right then – and I asked God to pick me up and carry me if my body felt like giving up – to give me that extra boost and carry me through the rest of the race. And then I had the same thought that I have in all my races – “wow, you’re almost done and your body feels about the same as when you started!” I had already covered 2.5 miles but my body wasn’t feelin’ it, my body was still ready for more!

I heard the finish line announcer in the distance and knew we had to be close, so I just kept on running. Before I knew it, we were at the second-to-last turn, and it hit me in my head “holy cow, this is it – this is the race I’ve been hoping for all year – running the whole time! I’m actually doing this!” There were a few girls in front of me that I could tell were in my age group, and I knew I had to smoke them so I kicked it into high gear and passed two girls my age (this is a race!)

I couldn’t stop smiling and I took every last ounce of energy and raced as fast as I could around that last corner and down the street to the finish line. My legs were pumping as fast as humanly possible, and it didn’t even feel like ME! I was flying!

I saw the fiancé and gave him a wave – here I come around the final turn!

Going as fast as I can to the finish!

and away I go!

My official clock time was 31:28, which was also the chip time. I couldn’t figure this out and the Track Shack folks explained to me that we didn’t have a D-Tag speed bump at the beginning, so everybody’s time started at the same time, regardless of how far back you were from the starting line. I ran the distance from where Kellie & I started to the starting line and it took me about 15 seconds, so if I take that off, my actual time was 31:13!!! PERSONAL RECORD!!!


I ended up #26 out of 76 girls in my age group – that’s the highest I’ve ever placed!

When I crossed the finish line I grabbed my first race medal ever 🙂 and a water, and fell onto the grass!

I could barely talk to tell the fiancé what my time was LOL don’t ask a runner to do math immediately after crossing the finish line!

After catching my breath I walked backwards along the course to find Kellie – when I saw her I shouted her name and ran next to her. She looked at me and screamed “I HAVEN’T STOPPED RUNNING THIS WHOLE TIME!!!” This was her first time not stopping to walk either – a major deal for the two of us walk/joggers! 🙂

Look at her beaming with pride 🙂 WAY TO GO KEL!!! I’m so proud of her, especially since she’s in the middle of a major dance performance season and her body’s pushing it to the limit every day – we’re already looking at races for 2011 together!

Here’s what my smile looks like when my brain is thinking “YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” hahaha

This is one of the happiest days I’ve had since I started running 🙂 The entire race was fun, the weather was great, I felt totally in tune with my body and finished with an amazing time! I had originally planned to do this race as a half marathon, but after taking time off from training runs for our Hawaii vacation, I decided to do the 5K and what a great decision 🙂 I finished the year strong with a PR and a major milestone – actually RUNNING a 5K the entire time – and I’m so happy to have Kellie the BFF with me for her best race too, and so thankful the fiancé was there for support 🙂

After the race I napped, got a massage (which wasn’t really necessary now that I think about it), went for burgers with the family, snacked on chocolate-covered edamame, napped some more… and then we had one of our favorites for dinner – Tofurkey pasta!

The pasta was a tri-color mix from Trader Joe’s, with mushroom & green pepper chunky sauce, and sautéed Tofurkey Italian Sausages (one of our favorite fake meats).


The fiancé always grates fresh parmesan cheese on our pasta and it smells sooooo good 🙂




What an amazing day! Like I said, I am still buzzing about this 🙂 I’m so proud of making it through this year and having a big success in this race. Next week I’m doing the Reindeer Run 5K at Sea World for fun, but who knows – maybe I’ll push for a faster time, or maybe I’ll just goof off in brown tights with my friends 😛

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