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Let me start out by saying Kellie is the best friend EVER and I am eternally thankful to her for putting on the most awesome girls night bachelorette party of my dreams Smile 

But first… when you know it’s gonna be a long night, start out the morning right… like maybe with an almond milk/truvia latte and a blackberry jam/muenster cheese bagelwich?

I got this idea from Julie and had to try it! AWESOME flavor combo!

After work I went to the Beauty Spot to redeem a Groupon for my first facial – it was a fun experience but I still like pedicures & massages better… good thing I have a Groupon for each of those before the wedding too Winking smile

I drove home and saw all the girls’ cars parked in my driveway and when I walked in the door, they were all dressed up with a big pink “Girls Night Out” banner hanging on the wall, wine in hand – hell to the yes! Since Kellie was the only girlfriend who could make it up to Myrtle Beach to party with my sisters, we wanted to have a bachelorette shindig locally in Orlando, and what a great idea!

There were 6 of us: me, Kellie the BFF, Natalie the future sista-in-law (already feels like a sister Smile), Megan, Bridget & Katie – six awesome friends all together to have a blast. We were walking out the door and I asked who would drive (the only thing I knew of at this point was that we were going to a chocolate party), and everyone looked around like “I guess I could drive…” – then we noticed a big white limo parked in the street! Bridget said “I bet he could give us a ride…” **SQUEAL!!!** I totally thought the limo was just driving by, and had no idea it was for us. Then I was convinced the driver was the fiancé’s friend Craig (it looked JUST like him) and I kept asking Kellie how she got Craig to drive the limo haha

Once we got in the limo, champagne immediately ensued Smile poppin’ bottles in the ice…

The limo took us to Baldwin Park to an awesome chocolate shop – Farris and Foster’s! They do private chocolate parties – every girl’s dream come true Smile

We each got a half pound of our own chocolate, plus several pounds of free sampling while we made our own! They let us bring our own wine and snacks in to munch on and played music – it was like an easy bake oven party for grownups. I said we all need to have daughters so we can come back haha

Look what I made!

Also a chocolate flip flop filled with gummi bears…

chocolate potato chips…

Chocolate seashell with macadamia nuts…

SOOOO good and such a great idea!

The other girls took lots of pictures, I was a little too busy focusing on the wine to remember to take out the camera for most of the night. The limo picked us up and took us to Bananas for dinner. I had heard this place was like Hooters but with men (whoa), but when we got there it was just like any other restaurant. We started with epic drinks,

chowed on fried pickles & mac & cheese, and finished up with banana-flavored cotton candy!

The limo made one last pit stop at the ABC store (necessities) and then dropped us off back at home for the sleepover. We stayed up playing the Newlywed Game (Kellie actually got the fiancé to sit down and answer all these questions, and we had matching answers for the most random things!) and girl talk.

The next morning we all went to Einstein’s for a bagel breakfast. This was the most fun girls’ night I’ve ever had and it’s so awesome to have such good friends here. I’ve never had a lot of girl friends (being an engineer) so this was that much more special Smile I love all of you and thanks again!!!

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