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Hey foodie friends 🙂 I thought it’d be a fun idea to do a tour of my kitchen, since every time I go to a friend’s house that’s the first place I check out (I’m always snooping through to see what people have in their fridge to give me new ideas!)



Our fridge is covered with magnets from places we’ve visited, a list of organic/conventional groceries, a list of dinners we like to make at home, coupons, recipes, funny pictures, the gym hours… I love our tacky fridge 🙂

Let’s start with the door: we have two handy bins up at the top and 3 shelves, usually filled with condiments.

Handy bins have brewer’s yeast (leftover from when we had Murrey and I don’t have a good reason to toss it out yet), real butter (fiancé’s preference), Taco Bell hot sauces, and a random package of Camel Snus (probably wound up there after a party b/c I’ve never seen it before LOL).

Onto the condiments: we’ve got Dijon mustard, red curry paste, lemon juice, marinated artichoke hearts, relish, lime juice, spicy mustard, lime juice, cayenne pepper, capers, squeezy ginger & squeezy basil.

Down here we’ve got a Tupperware full of ground flax, a few jars of Pickapeppa sauce (try it on cream cheese with crackers – a great party appetizer!), minced garlic, yogurt Caesar dressing (the only kind we found w/o anchovies), nooch, Polaner jelly/jam/fruit spread, chia seeds, ketchup, sunburn gel, bottled water, cornstarch and baking soda for freshness.

Here’s the main part of the fridge, I’ll walk you through it:

Top shelf has the water filter, with random jars in the front and baking supplies in the back.

We’ve got a leftover strawberry smoothie, lemons for freshness (I used the lemon zest for muffins), a bag with a box of baking soda to actually bake with, natural PB, roasted red peppers, pepperoncinis, strawberries, cranberry apple butter, tres bean dip (best EVER! get the jalapeno lime flavor at Publix), Asian ginger dressing (we love Bolthouse farms, that’s the only brand of salad dressing we buy anymore), a pitcher of sugar-free Koolaid for the fiancé…

and in the way back we’ve got baking powder, wheat bran (for muffins), and earth balance (MY butter).

On the middle shelf is stuff we use to make lunches (which is usually some sort of hummus wrap or leftovers). So now we’ve got a big container of leftover chili, feta cheese, various types of hummus,

this should last a while, it’s a BIG container,

and a bag with my dates in it – the lid cracked so I just tossed them in this big bag. I snack on these a lot before runs or when I’m feeling snacky, or I use them to make desserts like raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

Down here on this mini-shelf is where we keep the whole wheat wraps, and there’s also a premade greek salad mix (great on wraps/salads) and a chopped onion.

In our “meat” drawer (there isn’t actually any meat in our kitchen) we’ve got taboule salad, tempeh, whole wheat pastas for quick dinners, veggie bacon, feta cheese and mozzarella cheese.

Over here is where we keep the big stuff, so we’ve got a huge jar of jalapenos, some pickles back there, unsweetened vanilla almond milk (my favorite), two big things of organic lettuce (it always amazes the fiancé how much lettuce I can eat), some baby carrots, more carrots in that Tupperware…

and in that coffee container that’s not actually coffee, it’s batteries. I’m marrying a battery hoarder 😛 We also keep soymilk here too but we don’t have any right now.

Produce draw #1: a few organic apples, some green beans, and fresh mint – mmmmm

Produce drawer #2: a package of month-old organic celery LOL we can never eat celery fast enough unless we toss it in a stew, which is probably where this guy will end up. Usually there’s also some zucchini, carrots, and onion in this drawer, and maybe some grapes.



On top of the freezer is where we keep our reusable grocery bags and lunch bags/boxes. Inside we’ve got some old hot dog buns from a camping trip, ice, frozen cool whip (so good on pie), whole wheat flour, ice packs, frozen broccoli, frozen brussel sprouts, frozen peas, frozen strawberries, and a Tupperware full of an awesome honey chipotle sauce the fiancé made – we add this to chili or random dishes whenever we feel like it.


You all are probably very familiar with my microwave at this point from the pictures haha so you probably already know we keep our flexible cutting boards, recipes and tin foil sheets on top of the microwave. Next to it we’ve got the toaster, a bottle of red wine (2 buck chuck!), some bananas (ALWAYS bananas), a container to hold the wine corks (I save them) and knife block #1.

Over here we’ve got the coffee maker (fiancé uses this, not me), multivitamins, calcium/magnesium and flax oil, plus random utensil hanger.

Over here, knife block #2, paper towels, more utensils, olive oil dispenser, and blender (I put it away after it’s clean & dry).



We don’t have a tremendous amount of cabinet space, so we cram a lot in there. Here we’ve got all sorts of Tupperware sizes and shapes…

Grains & beans bin (brown rice, black beans, kidney beans, quinoa, amaranth, grains mix from Trader Joe’s)


Down here we’ve got empty jars I use for bringing smoothies to work, cacao nibs, cocoa, more artichoke hearts, a thing of peanut powder/flour, and a file box full of my old recipe cards from college 🙂 Plus tiny Tupperwares for salad dressing/nuts/snacks. And the obligatory shot glass. If you look closely you can see my Speedo goggles I wear while chopping onions – it’s a necessity.

Over here we’ve got even MORE Tupperware (it always ends up at our house after family get-togethers), and more dry goods.

Popcorn kernels (we love making it at home), water chestnuts, raw coconut, spicy okra pickles, chickpeas, olives, gum, B-12 (aka Kim’s Little Helper), canned beans, candy for the fiancé, more Polaner jelly/jam/fruit spread, and a jar of marinated sundried tomatoes.

Peanuts (for peanut noodles!), store-bought curry sauce for quick dinners, falafel mix, sugar-free drink mix, honey, Italian spices for dipping bread in oil, and a jumbo bag of goldfish (took it home free from a work event).

Up here: more goldfish (hahaha), flax tortilla chips, graham crackers for camping, and pastas (whole wheat and gluten free varieties).

Down here we have MORE TUPPERWARE (it’s getting out of control), V8 cans, crock pot, party cups, bulk olive oil, and a bottle of Lambrusco that I’ll never actually finish (Kellie get over here and help me drink this thing).

Spice Cabinet!!! Here’s some fun:

From memory: food scale, sage, marjoram, chili powder, crushed red pepper, kosher salt, oregano, salt, cumin, vanilla extract, mint extract, soy sauce, Palo Alto Firefighters hot sauce (our favorite)…

…onion powder, Goya adobo sauce, Louisiana hot sauce, apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil, butter flavored cooking spray, Creole seasoning, port wine (why?), balsamic vinegar, white pepper grinder, and more Louisiana hot sauce.

Cups cabinet: wine glasses, coffee mugs, cups…

tea bags, stevia, and emergency dark chocolate stash for me 🙂

Breakfast cabinet: usually there’s a big thing of oatmeal but we’re out, so now we’ve got bread crumbs, crackers, cream of wheat, chocolate granola, Lara bars, hemp protein powder (usually there’s chocolate brown rice protein powder but we’re out), race fuel (gels/chews), and cookbooks.

These are all my favorite cookbooks 🙂

and I put these recipes up here since we make these things for breakfast so often.

OK, so there you have it! Now you know what I usually keep on hand to make healthy & fun recipes. What’s in your kitchen?

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