Ready for a recap? OK – this year was my second Corporate 5-K race (here’s the recap from last year’s Corporate 5K, my first 5K race ever). Fortunately this time I remembered my shoes 🙂

2011-04-14 18.43.57.jpg

I met the fiancé at Kellie’s apartment downtown to get dressed and we all walked over to Lake Eola to hang out and chow cookies before the race.

2011-04-14 18.49.46.jpg

When we made our way to the starting line, I recognized a lot of people in the crowd – I think it was about 15,000 people this year!

2011-04-14 19.00.17.jpg

2011-04-14 19.00.22.jpg

I bent over to tie my shoelaces and took a cool picture of all the feet in the crowd (I promise it looked cooler in person!)

corp5k2011 (7)

The actual race itself flew by really quickly – I was running with a sinus infection, so I couldn’t breathe through my nose.


I took a few walking breaks whenever my lungs were screaming for me to stop, and ran in quick spurts to make up for it.



I ended up finishing in 39:32, which is significantly slower than last year’s time of 35:58, but when I consider the sickness factor, I’m OK with that time.

At the finish line I downed a couple water bottles, stretched out, and headed into Publix for some mac and cheese from their deli (our company tent only had chicken fingers, chips & brownies to eat).

2011-04-14 20.21.21.jpg

After running this race, I learned a few things:

  • Running while sick took away all of my energy and the endurance I’d been building up for 6 weeks of training. Still, it wasn’t un-doable, but if it were any race longer than a 5K, I would have just watched on the sidelines.
  • With a sinus infection and all hopped up on Dayquil, 1/2 a beer will do you in.
  • The fiancé doesn’t like crowded races, so the odds of us doing a big-city marathon together are slim to none (but I know he’d make a great spectator!)

I’ll probably be running this one again next year, and I’m also repeating a couple of other races from 2010 this year (Autumn Rock n Run, Miracle Miles, OUC in December). It’s fun to see if I can beat my own time on the same course!


Well hey there… it’s been a while and I have plenty of good reasons for not blogging the past 2 weeks or so, so let’s play catch up 🙂

Remember the bachelorette party I posted about?

Well here’s part 2:


Here are some of the more PG-13 pictures (keeping it clean on the blog)

Me, Kellie, and my sisters Amy and Abbie (all bridesmaids)





And FYI there was a LOT of smoke in the clubs 208292_199491210089093_100000846478567_509673_4619876_n

and I came home from Myrtle Beach with a horrible sinus infection that lasted almost two weeks! :-/

So in the past two weeks, I ran one time (wop wop…) at the Corporate 5K. It was my second time doing the race and pre-sickness I was hoping to actually make a decent time, but I ended up walking a lot of it (partly from the crowdedness and partly b/c I couldn’t breathe through my mouth…).


My final time was 39:32, and I didn’t give my phone GPS enough time to sync up with the starting line location, so it just took the most recent location (doctor’s office) and apparently according to RunKeeper, in 39:32 I ran about 11 miles haha!

Getting My Body Ready for the Wedding

Onto what’s up next… it’s 33 days until the wedding and I did a lot of thinking this weekend about getting ready for it. Lately we’ve been slacking about cooking super healthy meals (obvi since none have shown up on the blog recently) and fallen into a trap of pizzas & other pre-made crap. Thankfully tonight I got my butt back in the kitchen and made a fresh meal of pinto beans and kale (beans & greens – can’t go wrong).

After hanging out at the water park all weekend with my family and also going to the Ke$ha concert & being surrounded by girls who look thin on the outside but you can tell are total messes on the inside…


I’ve had a lot of body image thoughts clouding up my mind. We were also going through photos of our childhood and relationship to make a compilation wedding video and look at how gangly I was at 17:


(note I’m the only girl in that picture – it was a science & math boarding school).

The fiancé also found some smoking hot pictures of me from when we first met (before we were officially “going out”) and I was about 15 pounds lighter than I am now. Granted I had just come off of a summer vacation of super freedom and lots of time to exercise & eat right, when nowadays free time is a rare commodity, plus I cook for two.

You would think that after 26 years of living in this body I’d have it figured out by now, but I can’t say it gets any easier. I still get envious of other women I see with sexy figures (even when I know them personally and know their habits are totally self-destructive and unsustainable…) It’s still a challenge every day/week to plan workouts and meals, and find time to plan workouts and meals, and to find time to cook meals and do workouts – ahh!

I know that I’m not realistically going to drop 15 pounds in the next 33 days, and I really wouldn’t want to anyway, but I do want to get back on a regular routine of exercising now that my sinus cavities are up & running again. I like the FEELING of being fit just as much as the way it looks. I like having time to workout and release stress, and to explore in the kitchen with new tastes/smells/textures – that’s what makes life worth living!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days coming up with what I think makes me happiest about exercising and what is realistic with our schedules.

  • Run 3 days each week: This is just enough running to make me feel good without the pressure of tons of mileage looming over me. What I found through my most recent training plan is that I like to run in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. What that means is I can’t be a night owl on Friday nights, which is a good compromise – I’d rather give up a late night of staying out than a lovely Saturday morning of mental clarify & meditation.
  • Cross-train at least 2 days each week: The plan right now is to keep doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD because 1) I love it, 2) it’s a full-body workout, and 3) it’s only half an hour. If I had more time I would love to be in the gym 4 days a week doing upper/lower splits or isolating muscle groups like I did in college, but I’m trying to be realistic here and not commit to a workout schedule I can’t keep up with.

And that’s it. Run 3 days, Jillian 2 days. That gives me 2 rest days, and peace of mind knowing I’m not setting myself up for failure.

It’s very hard not to compare myself to other brides when I see their wedding pictures, but I have to remind myself that I don’t know anything about their personal lives leading up to the wedding. Maybe their parents paid for them to hire a personal trainer, and maybe they were college students or unemployed and actually had hours to spend each day in the gym, or maybe they were fitness instructors/personal trainers themselves, or maybe they have a freakishly high metabolism, maybe they’re not on birth control, maybe they don’t eat enough, maybe they smoke cigarettes, maybe they are just blessed with good genetics – you really never know! All I can do is focus on what works for me and try to avoid having a nervous breakdown from the wedding stress, because with all the other coordination that goes into planning a wedding, adding an unrealistic workout schedule would definitely push me over the edge.

Did you make any special fitness/diet changes to get ready for your wedding?

Two totally unrelated topics, but what else is new? ;-P

Let’s start with the recent eats – tons of interesting stuff going on here…

I was downtown for a meeting and swung by for lunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen this week with my boss (his first trip – it’s always fun to bring carnivores to Ethos and watch them squirm at first, then find out that they love it and can’t wait to come back!) – I got the Tofurkey Reuben which tastes just like it sounds. It’s just a Reuben with a vegan thousand island dressing, and Tofurkey slices instead of turkey. I could make this at home so it’s not too impressive, and was pretty greasy, but the watermelon was nice & refreshing.


New awesome pre-run breakfast: Vitatop PB sandwich! Take two Vitatops (they’re only 100 calories each so that ain’t nuthin’) and smear some PB in the middle – booyashaka sandwich magic!

Dinner for one hangry vegetarian girl… I’m still trying to detox from this weekend’s bachelorette eats (mostly pizza, booze, and fried things), and the fiance was working late so I made a stir-fry for me with a little olive oil, soy sauce, a whole package of snap peas from Publix (normally I think this is a family size but it’s just me and it’s just veggies), with a Tofurkey italian sausage dog. No carbs needed, this was AAAAAAWESOOMMMMMMME!!! 🙂 It reminded me of the stir-fry station we had in my high school cafeteria – so good, so good!

And tonight’s dinner – again I’m still getting over a major sinus infection so I can’t really taste much, so tonight’s dinner was a simple carbolicious dish of whole wheat penne pasta, asparagus, kidney beans, tomatoes and a tiny sprinkle of feta (gotta fill up the glycogen stores for tomorrow’s race!)

I’m actually kinda nervous about the Corporate 5K tomorrow since I missed 3 training runs recently (more on that later, but 1 was for the bachelorette party and the following 2 were missed b/c of the resulting sinus infection from that party…). I wasn’t planning on setting any PRs during this race, but I’d at least like to be able to breathe through my nose while running!!!

OK, onto the next random topic – eyebrow threading

In case you don’t know what it is, here’s a little info for you. If you check on YouTube there are a bunch of videos, fun stuff to watch! They basically yank a bunch of hairs out at once, and it lasts longer than tweezing and looks great. There’s a place near our house that does it, so I go in every couple of weeks to get it done. The only bad part is that for a few hours afterwards, my face is all red from the pulling:

but the same thing happens with waxing. It’s pretty cheap ($7) and looks better than anything I could do myself – I’m totally hooked 🙂

Enough with the randomness – I’m going to try and get some sleep before tomorrow’s race!

Hide your kids, hide your wives… and hide your husbands because it’s BACHELORETTE PARTY TIME!!!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been and why there’s been no bloggin’ lately, it’s because I was working super long hours to take off early Friday and drive up to Myrtle Beach for my bachelorette party!


I grew up in MB and my oldest sister Amy still lives there, plus our mom – it was the perfect place for a girls’ party weekend! But beforehand, we had to get some innocent-looking photos at the office.

It’s a solid 8 hour drive from Orlando to MB (I’ve done it so many times in the past 6 years it’s ridiculous, which is why I’m even happier that my mom has a timeshare in Kissimmee now!!!), and along the way we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some lunch. Kellie went healthy with the salad, while I loaded up on various carbs covered in cheese (mac & cheese, hashbrown casserole), with fried okra, turnip greens and cornbread – mmmmmmmmmm! Obviously healthy living took a backseat this weekend (and fast forward, I ended up coming home with a sinus infection and wanting an enema to cleanse away all the pizza & booze…)

We also munched on some SunChips and downed a Red Bull to stay pumped for the long drive. When we got into town, my sister and her new boyfriend took us to Fiesta del Burro Loco (“the crazy donkey party”) – my favorite Mexican place in Myrtle Beach.

Two pitchers of Patron margaritas?? Don’tmindifIdo

After literally closing down the restaurant (the servers were very conspicuously sweeping next to our booth as we just laughed & reminisced), we got a funny picture – look how authentically chill Kellie looks (bottom left), just hangin’ out with her hand on her knee haha

We went back to my sister’s condo to catch some sleep. Kellie & I stayed in the boys’ room where my nephews normally sleep (they were with sitters this weekend, adults only!). The condo is pre-furnished and pre-decorated with various odds & ends, including hundreds of tiny candles, birdcages, lighthouses, and this awesome glass hat:

Why I do declare Miss Kellie, that hat looks mighty beautiful on you 🙂

Betcha can’t tell that thing weighs 20 lbs!

We woke up on Saturday and decided to hit the beach, and Kellie broke out the party gear – she had stayed up all night Thursday making these awesome shirts & coozies for us!


Love you Kellie!!! Thanks so much! 🙂

We went down to Ocean Annie’s, a beach bar with a pool & lazy river, and shared a pitcher of Hurricanes – and froze our butts off since there was a strong wind by the beach! The live band singer was all bundled up in a fleece hoodie lol what a strange sight.

We had some lunch at the beach bar and headed back to the condo to get ready for the REAL party at Broadway at the Beach… and you’ll have to stay tuned for PART 2 (since I’m still waiting on the pics from my sisters), but sneak preview – we’ve got:

  • Random homeless guy groping my sister (“don’t I know you?”)
  • Marines who lurve Amy
  • Yankees who lurve Kellie
  • Dancing dancing (pole) dancing
  • and other crazy sister/BFF shenanigans

The fiancé went on a guys’ camping trip and floated down a river in intertubes – totally different but still had some of his own shenanigans to share (I came home to a midget blow-up doll on my coffee table, tons of Army/Navy gear in the front room, and a still-buzzed fiancé on the couch).


Hey everybody! Hope you’re all having a great week – it’s super hectic here which is how I came up with today’s post: how to make time to exercise. We all say we’d like to work out more, but we ‘just can’t find the time’. I’m guilty of it too, but lately I’ve found motivation and time and wanted to share some tips with you!

But first… shout out to my awesome fiancé for making an epic dinner last night of meatless ‘beef tips’ with peas, spinach & harvest grains mix (aka ‘bird seed’):

He’s so gourmet =) That dinner helped fuel me for this morning’s run – SPEED WORK!


It was cool outside so I put on my favorite running outfit

did the hand trick…

downed half of this package – sooo good!

and set out my supplies in the driveway (since I run up & down the street) – water and the other half of the energy gels

Here’s how the run went down:

  • Warmup: 1/2 a mile
  • Ran 1 mile (1600 m) in 9:32
  • Walk/jogged 1/2 mile (800 m)
  • Ran 1 mile (1600 m) in 9:28
  • Cooldown: 1/2 a mile

So technically it was only 3.5 miles instead of 4, but this girl had to get to work for an early morning meeting! And did you notice… an average of 9:30/mile was my running pace today… aka the fastest I’ve ever run in my life, and faster than my current 5K goal of 30 minutes!!! Exciting!!! It’s a lot easier for me too to break up speedwork & tempo runs into 1/4 mile segments (i.e. down to the end of my street) and repeat that 4 times, because running a whole mile in 9:42 seems daunting, but getting to the end of my street in 2:25 is totally do-able – mind games 🙂

How to Make Time to Exercise

During this morning’s run & shower I had a lot of thoughts on this, so I’ll just start with what I jotted down on paper.

A partial workout is better than no workout at all. This morning I had 4 miles on the plan, and ended up doing 3.5 miles and feeling super accomplished anyway 🙂


Make breakfast as easy & fast as possible. I love a hot bowl of cooked oatmeal as much as the next gal, but if you’re scrounging for time in the morning to fit in your workout, don’t get held up waiting for the microwave to ding. I recommend making overnight oats in a jar and eating them at your desk, or making a smoothie and sippin’ on it in the car. Or if you’re REALLY pressed, sometimes I just grab a Larabar + banana for breakfast.

Try out a lower-maintenance beauty routine. Now keep in mind I’m a female engineer and not a newscaster. I know some of you might think I’m nuts when I say that I frequently go into work with wet hair, no makeup, or “Day 3” hair (i.e. washed it on Monday, so Wednesday is Day 3). Hair: I always let my hair air dry because blow dryers destroy my hair, so I’ll either put it up in a bun or do a quick side-part-bangs-clip thing so it doesn’t look too much like the girl from The Ring.


If I’m really pressed for time, I’ll just shampoo it, skip the conditioner, then spray it with Aussie leave-in conditioner real quick. Makeup: a few days a year (company photos, awards ceremonies) I’ll wear actual foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow, but the rest of the time, I don’t wear any makeup (except mascara on days when I’m trying to look less dead in the morning or just feeling girly). My skin care routine is just putting on moisturizer in the mornings – that’s it. It’s not that complicated folks 😛

Minimize your lunch prep. The easiest way to do this is have planned leftovers from the night before, which isn’t too hard since a lot of recipes make 4 servings and there are only 2 of us in this house. Or if you don’t have any leftovers, throw in some lettuce & random toppings to make a quick salad (today I used greens, hearts of palm, corn, chickpeas, pickled okra & balsamic dressing). Massaged kale salad is great because the dressing won’t make it soggy while you’re at work, and you can “massage” it at lunch time.

Wake up a little earlier than you normally would. You’re probably thinking “yeah right” – and I know the feeling, sleep is one thing I don’t compromise on, and I try to get around 8 hours a night. But this means I go to bed a little earlier too and I don’t stay out partying all night if I know I want to work out the next day! This morning I was rolling around half-asleep in bed, around 6:45 am (I was supposed to get up at 5:45 to go run but slept right through Alarm #1). My brain was thinking “well, I could sleep in a little bit longer and go to work by 8, but I’d have another average, unsatisfying day without a workout… or I could get my ass out of bed, run, go into work about 45 minutes later and feel great about my day…” – that was an easy decision to make! I will say it helps a lot that my whole department at work is into exercising so we definitely have a buffer in the mornings for when we have to be there, because it’s important to all of us to stay fit. But if I had a rigid work schedule like the fiancé, I’d just find another way to wake up even earlier.

I say it was an easy decision to make because I’ve made the wrong decision a LOT and slept in, ending up with no time to exercise. Fact is, if I have 30 extra minutes in the morning, I’m gonna go for a run because I know it makes me feel better than if I slept in the same amount of time!

I also used to make excuses to not work out because I wanted my schedule to sync up exactly with the fiancé’s – exercising used to be our together time in college, and it was hard for me to break that habit. But this morning I gave him a goodbye kiss after my warmup, I was about to run down the street and he was pulling out of the driveway. So it doesn’t sync up perfectly (but I still make him smoothies in the morning to show him love), and many evenings while I’m making dinner he’ll be at the gym or riding his bike around the neighborhood.

So there you have it! I’m super excited because the Corporate 5K is next week – and this year the fiancé is joining me! Last year was SO much fun.2010 Corp Run - 25

What tips do you have to help make time for exercising? What works for you? Or what do you think would help you find time?

Hey friends 🙂 I wanted to tell you all about this cool event a bunch of us went to on Tuesday night just south of downtown Orlando… the food truck bazaar!


Now I don’t know how regular this thing occurs, but I’m glad we were there! Basically all the local food trucks come out in the parking lot of a church and folks get to pig out – then they have an artist market inside with live music – sounds like a recipe for a good time eh?

Crazy crowds, lines wrapping around each other…

We rolled with the taco truck – waited in line 45 minutes to order the food and another 15 for it to be ready – I don’t know how anyone could feasibly do that on a lunch break, but I’m also thinking they don’t typically have such long lines of customers to feed.

Total 1-hour taco domination

(actually that was a cheese quesadilla and a veggie sope (sopes?))

There was a new cupcake truck too but by the time we got around to dessert they were all gone 😦 Most of these trucks use Facebook & Twitter to announce where they’re setting up shop that day, so some days it could be in the Walmart parking lot, other days in a metered spot in downtown, wherever there’s a crowd I guess.

There were other cool trucks too like the Winter Park Fish Market, Korean BBQ Taco Box (?), Pupusas (stuffed tortillas!), Red Eye BBQ, Shipyard, Crooked Spoon, and Big Wheel Provisions (yum – this guy lives in College Park & I see his truck all the time, he emphasizes using local fresh ingredients).

We headed inside to check out the artist market, where a bunch of Kellie’s friends were selling stuff. I picked out a new necklace (made buy single moms in Africa, this group in Orlando buys them and then resells them, then donates those proceeds to a separate charity for keeping kids off the streets – it was a long story and hard to keep track of but I liked the recycled paper beads!)

*test picture… side note – I’m not a necklace wearer. I didn’t pick this one actually, I got a longer green one. I’m more of an earrings girl, and not even wearing a necklace at the wedding b/c they usually just look weird on me*

They also had some acoustic tunes,

and a funky art box where you can go inside and draw on it, then the light shines out for everybody to see

After we left, we all headed down to Jax (one of the older bars in CP) for a round of drinks & wedding talk ~~congrats to Bridget & Brian!!!~~

washed down with a bunch of their homemade pickles!

When we got home, I took some of the almond biscotti I bought at the artist market and dunked it in red wine like the vendor (Kellie’s friend Pam) suggested…

It. Was. Awesome =)

I’ve taken to drinking out of these smaller sample-sized wine glasses (we got them from Harbor Nights, which is an EXCELLENT DATE NIGHT for you Orlando locals – music, Italian gourmet food & all you can drink wine for about $35/person at Universal’s Portofino Bay!). You know how they say if you want to eat smaller portions, use a smaller plate? Well the same thing goes for wine – there are some days where I want a big big fishbowl glass of red, but most days this little guy does the trick 😉

Onto some interesting & fun eats this week… most of my breakfasts have been peppermint patty green monsters – just can’t get enough!

Then we ran out of the ingredients, so I rolled with a banana & a Vega bar yesterday.

Verdict on Vega Bar… didn’t really taste much like chocolate to me – sorta like a Larabar but with a more planty-taste, and it costs 2x as much as a Larabar, so I’m just gonna stick with my old favorite 🙂

Also had some goldfish mixed in with the last of this bean dip (mixed right in the jar, overnight oats-style!)

and finally, I just wanna say thanks to Kellie for bringing me back some of the TJ’s harvest grain mix from her vacation out west 🙂

Someone at work said it looks like bird seed hahaha

What are you all up to this week? I’m thinking about doing a Q&A post soon, so if you have any questions post a comment – maybe a video Q&A is in order?

See ya!

Hey everybody! I hope the weather is nicer where you are than in Orlando (or if you’re in Orlando, hope you’re staying dry!) – it’s naaaaaaaasty here…


I woke up this morning ready to run completely exhausted (didn’t get a good night’s sleep… too much soda before our marriage prep class :-/) so the rain was a nice surprise. I was bummed to miss the chance to run in the AM, but happy to have an extra hour to stay in bed. Plus I promised the fiancé we’d go running together after work.

For breakfast I made a mind-blowing breakfast masterpiece: Peppermint Patty Green Monster (recipe here from Angela) – it helped me use up an almost-rotten banana (freeze it the night before so it doesn’t go bad!), plus get in my greens and some amazing minty flavor!!!

FYI that’s like a 20 oz glass! I crumbled half of a dark chocolate square on top – the best part was that at the bottom, the chocolate chunks were waiting to be gobbled up hehehehe

It honest-to-goodness tasted like a mint chocolate chip milkshake, and I think all the kids in my family wouldn’t know the difference – the fiancé loved it too and didn’t freak out when I told him there was spinach in it!

and a fun lil’ green mustache…

Speaking of the rain, I had a really scary drive to work this morning. My car has 60,000 mile-rated tires on it, and my odometer just passed 64,000 miles so it’s time to get some new ones, but I’m cheap so I wanted to see how much extra time I could wait before shelling out major bucks for new tires (the fiancé suggested used tires but I’m not totally comfy with that…). On the way to work I was headed towards a red light (in the RAIN) and going about 50 mph into the intersection when the light turned yellow. I knew I was close to the light and if I kept going I’d end up running it, so I laid on the brakes. The car didn’t stop. My anti-lock brakes were working as hard as they could, and the car skidded right into the middle of the intersection!!! Thank God there weren’t any cars in front of me in line or I would’ve hit them. So here I am, gliding along the pavement in the pouring rain and my car is definitely NOT stopping, so instead I revved up the gas (we are WAY beyond the red light here) just to get out of the way! I was so afraid and called the fiancé as soon as I got into the parking lot at work to tell him we need to get me some brand new tires ASAP – the time has come! On the way home I drove like a total granny and never went over 30-35 mph in a 45, which I was fine with b/c it was pouring down rain and I was scared of my uncooperative tires. So guess who gets to spend her tax refund on some new tires 😉

On a more positive note, work was great – I was all by myself today since my whole department was on vacation, and I got a LOT done without any distractions! I missed Kellie a lot though 😦 My lunch was a gigantic salad with balsamic dressing, roasted red peppers and a sprinkle of this mixture of sprouted beans (very FRESH tasting – I liked it!)

When I got home the fiancé told me he invited over his best man for dinner and our guest would be there in about 20 minutes. I still hadn’t done my 3 mile run yet so I said either wait for me to start eating or go ahead without me, but I’m gonna need about 45 minutes of ME time (aka 36 minutes on the treadmill plus time to get to the gym & back).


So I suited up in my running clothes with my older tennis shoes (didn’t want to get the new ones totally drenched in puddles on the way there) and a hoodie to stay dry up top. I made it onto the treadmill (my gym’s a ghost town when it rains since most folks walk there – love it!) and cranked out 3 miles in 34:25 (11:28/mile) while watching a full episode of King of Queens. Most of the time I kept a 5.5-5.7mph pace, with brief 4.0mph walking breaks of no more than about 30 seconds to a minute – I ran a LOTTTT!

I had a half of this shot blok before heading out – the tropcial punch flavor is GOOD!

and came home to an amazing pasta dinner courtesy of the fiancé… this time I did the dishes while he relaxed, it’s the least I could do for him being so awesome 🙂 I’ll end with an exciting update…

Our wedding is in exactly 2 months! May 28th is right around the corner!!!!!!! 🙂