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This morning I woke up totally energized and ready to tackle another day of working out (along with all of the other things I have to do each day!) Breakfast was a half of a cinnamon raisin bagel with honey almond schmear, with a kefir + strawberry banana smoothie (sorry no pics).

Most days I pack my lunch & eat it at my desk to 1) save money 2) make sure I’m eating something healthy and 3) be able to leave early on Fridays. Today was my typical vegetarian staple lunch of a hummus & feta cheese wrap with fruit:

MMMM hummus! Everyone I know has a container of this stuff in their fridge, it goes so quickly too! Throughout the day I also munched on some raw almonds, 2 nectarines and a plum – we have a lot of fruit in the fridge because it’s summer and it’s HOT in Florida!

After work, my friend Kellie came over and joined me alongside the fiancee for a 1.5 mile run around the neighborhood – we looped the Dubsdread golf course:


With the heat, none of us could run for more than a few minutes without slowing down to walk & catch our breath. I think next time I’ll bring my water bottle with me. I also want to try running in the mornings when it’s not so freaking hot outside!! But it makes me look forward to the half marathons in December & February 🙂

After our run, Kellie stayed for dinner – we had vegetarian “riblets” which turned out AWESOME (we were all skeptical but I’m definitely buying these again), with whole wheat couscous and stir-fried veggies. Then we all sat down & Kellie gave us a lot of excellent wedding planning advice (she’s going through 2 weddings this summer!) – thank you Kel 🙂 

Right now we’re on the fence on a lot of wedding stuff (not disagreeing, just unsure what we want more), but we do know:

  • Honeymoon in Hawaii
  • Casual reception (luau theme)
  • Wedding songs to dance to (a handful so far, I’ll post a playlist once we finalize it)

Now the bigger questions are setting a date, finding the ceremony location (will it be Florida or Hawaii?), reception location, guest list… I miss living near my mom :-/

OK – tomorrow’s another day, and the fiancee made a special request for me to post about the “Kefir Sutherland” – you’ll just have to wait & see what it is! 🙂


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